Hey! I'm Coderman64!

I make programs, games, and all sorts of computer experiments. Some of these I put on Github so other people can see them, use them, and experiment with them.

That being said, some of the projects available here are purely experimental and may never be finished.

The following projects either have a webpage or a live demo. Click on the links to check them out!

Ongoing Projects

These are projects that I still actively develop and support.

The Motobug Engine

a fan-made engine for creating Sonic-the-Hedgehog-inspired 2D platformers, which I coded from the ground up in JavaScript

Screen Recorder

a python GUI that uses ffmpeg's gdigrab feature to record the screen in Windows

The Path

an Android and Samsung smartwatch game with over 9,000 downloads worldwide.

Sonic EXP

A fan game made for fun and experience. Created to guide the development of both the Motobug Engine and the Motobug Studio level designer.

This webiste!

I built this website with a mixture of JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5.

Past Projects

These are past projects that I am either no longer involved with, or have no further plans to develop.

The Path (beta)

an html5 game that works on mobile devices. The prototype for the full game I released on Google Play.

The Block

a basic mobile web game that uses HTML DOM rather than the canvas


A simple text editing program with features like syntax highlighting and line numbering


A(n) (extremely experimental) web browser built in Python using the Tk text widget. More of a coding experiment rather than a fully functional browser.

Navigation App Attempt

An attempt to recreate something resembling Google Maps with OpenStreetMap. Currently only supports basic location searching and geolocation.


A simple HTML DOM windowing system built in JavaScript.

web synth

A simple, incomplete music sequencer written in JavaScript.